Kathy EvansKathy Evans began asking people to tell their stories to her when she was a child, and writing has been a central part of her life since she learned how to make letters. Throughout her previous career in occupational therapy, she consistently found herself drawn to learning the stories of her patients' lives. She has studied writing independently as well as through workshops, writers' groups, and classes. She has taught memoir writing and children's writing workshops. In 2001 Kathy Evans combined her interest in people‚Äôs lives with her love of writing, and created Write For You. She has written more than 40 memoirs since then. Kathy lives in Kirkwood, Missouri and is the mother of four grown children, grandmother of three little ones. When not working, she likes to garden, swim, watch the birds, and spend time outdoors.

"Kathy Evans writes not merely with competence, but with wit, intelligence, and sensitivity. She possesses the rare talent of conjuring up people, events, and places truly and vividly." --Mark Spencer, MFA, Professor and Chair of English, Cameron University, Oklahoma, critically acclaimed author of several novels and short story collections.

 Kathy Evans is a personal historian.

We'll tell your story in the context of the world you grew up in, the turning points of your life, and your hopes for your family.

 Kathy Evans is a listener.

Rather than question and answer sessions, our interviews will be simply conversations.

Kathy Evans is an experienced writer of memoirs, autobiographies, and biograhpies.

Since 2001, Kathy has written about 40 memoirs and biographies, ranging from 70 to 600 pages in length

"Life may be short, but history is forever. I am a servant of forever.
--Richard Stewart, PhD, Army Historian




Richard Miller

Kathy's father, Richard Miller, is one of two genealogists working with Write for You. He offers his genealogical sleuthing abilities to clients who want to know more about their family history and family tree. His decades of experience and an insatiable curiosity lead to excellent results. Rick is a member of the National Genealogical Society and the the St. Louis Genealogical Society.

Meet our Subcontractors

A book industry veteran with over thirty years of experience in writing, editing and publishing, Suzanne Fox is the co-founder of the anthology creation and publishing firm Stories of You Books; the editor of the online journal Society Nineteen; the author of books including Home Life: A Journey Through Rooms and Recollections (Simon & Schuster); and an editorial, book structure and book marketing consultant who has worked for clients ranging from individual memoir and fiction writers to the City of New York. She provides consulting on book structure as well as developmental editing on many Write for You projects.

Wendy Ledger has worked as a transcriptionist for over twenty-five years. In 2014, Wendy received her certification as an editor through the Professional Sequence in Editing program at UC Berkeley Extension. She now also works as a proofreader, copy editor, and developmental editor through her company, VoType Editorial and Transcription Services. Wendy has an MA in creative writing from San Francisco State University. She is currently writing her third novel.