Do I Have a Story

IMG 6643                       "Reading the book was an experience full of wonder for us; his children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces: we learned so much about his life that we had never heard before." –Paula Gill, regarding her father's book, I'm a Believer, 2013

o I have a story?


You may have wished you had the memoirs of your parents or grandparents on paper, so you could know what their childhood was like, what they saw and did while they were growing up, the problems they faced, the accomplishments that made them proud.
Write For You provides you the opportunity to give this gift to your loved ones. Even if your intended audience is the public, your book will be treasured most of all by your famly.

Knowing the history of our families binds us deeply to where we came from. It's a ribbon that joins our past to our future, and from it we draw strength.




"...We are part of a larger picture of those who came before us, of those who follow us in time, of those who care about us. Telling our stories is a way to respect ourselves. Connections with the past and future is a pathway that charms us in the direction of sanity and grace."

–from Home From Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler