"I am grateful that his story will live on... His great-grandchildren might read this book and see part of themselves in their great-grandfather." 

doodad line

"Come walk with me...
back through the vista of the years which our ancestors knew.
We seek the trails which once they trod,
to find the spots where they once dwelt.
And while we search about our hearts,
read weathered stones, and turn musty pages of the past,
their spirits come alive and walk with us.
We learn of them, their lives, their loves, their hates.
And with their knowledge, learn to understand ourselves,
for each of them has given to us a past.
We owe them this - that they shall be remembered for that gift."

Fern Stokes Eller

This poem captures the spirit of genealogy, of ancestral searches, and of discovering your roots. Celebrate your ancestors–they help you know who you are.


While Kathy's work focuses on the story of her client's life, her father, Richard Miller, is the genealogist. He is a family history detective whose drive and curiosity lead him down many paths into the past. Richard Miller has more than three decades of experience with genealogy and has researched ancestors for hundreds of clients. If you would like genealogical research as part of your life story project, he will take whatever information you have and begin a quest to find out where you came from. This information can then be included as an appendix, or in some cases, as a companion volume. Find out who your ancestors are!