How it Works

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"...He looked forward to each and every interview with you and would often call soon after to recount what you'd discussed. He couldn't believe how interested you were in him and his life."




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Interviews: More than a ghostwriter, Kathy will evoke the anecdotes, atmosphere, and sensory details that capture the truth of your life and give it a sense of time and place. This takes places during series of conversational interviews. She will set your life story in its historical background.

Clients can rest assured that information is kept confidential.

Writing: As your biographer, between sessions, Kathy takes the often meandering interviews and weaves them together into a living narrative that sets your story in the context of the world you grew up in. Then you and she review and revise the manuscript as the book takes shape. You are the final editor; nothing will go into print that you have not approved. She may write your book as an autobiography, in your voice, using your figures of speech, or if you prefer, using the third person format of biography. 

The process is complete when you are satisfied with the product. New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans was once asked how long it takes to write a book. He replied, "I can write a book in 60 days. Then I go back and edit it 800 times."

The time it takes to write a book allows deeper memories to arise, and it allows for reflection. While we are writing your book, the themes, patterns, and turning points of your life may come into focus. Books can be any length, and the process can take anywhere from one to several years.

Photos: Kathy will scan photographs and documents that help tell the story.

Genealogy: Our genealogists can research your family genealogy, if you wish.

Production: When the writing is finished, the story is proofread several times, then goes to a book designer for layout, back to you for approval, then to the printer, and finally to the book binder. The result is a lavishly illustrated, heirloom quality book that pulls together the events, insights, relationships, sorrows, and joys of your life. A variety of bindings are available, from paperback to leather, and you can order as many copies as you wish. In some cases the client may choose to involve talented family members in graphic design or proofreading. It's not required that books be printed and bound by Write for You. If you have talent in the family and want to handle production on your own, that is perfectly acceptable and can be a good way to economize.

Free consultation: Please contact Kathy at 314-740-8859 to discuss your project. If you wish, you may set up a complimentary initial meeting at your convenience. Kathy lives and works in the St. Louis area, but from time to time works with out-of-town clients via travel, telephone, and correspondence.