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 Dear Kathy,

You did a great, great, great great job. I talked way too much and you listened. You used what I said to see who I really am, and to fill in the words in ways I can’t believe. You did it because you listened well. You really made my story come into being. I found myself picking my book up again and again to see what we’d say next. They were my words, but you put them together and listened between the lines. There were times when you wrote things down that I thought didn’t matter, but reading the book, I see what you did with them and it reads well. It’s beautiful.

It’s been important to me to write this book, to pass on what we built and what we value. I hope our kids and grandkids and on down read it and learn something about the family they come from. This modern world is a hard place to get along, but if they can learn the lessons my folks taught us nine kids growing up on the farm during the Depression, it might just help them make it. Mom and Daddy taught us about church, family, giving to the poor, hard work, and how not to get kicked by the same mule twice. I hope my book passes those lessons along to our kids and does our family some good. Thank you for all you did. 

–Charles Louis Drury, Sr., founder of Drury Hotels. Don't Get Kicked by the Same Mule Twice, 2018



Hiring Kathy Evans was a 70th birthday present for my husband, C.W. Scherer. He is an Army Special Forces Viet Nam veteran, a Green Beret, who rarely speaks about his experiences in the military. I had long wanted a written record of his life for our children and grandchildren, but he could never seem to find the time to write anything. Kathy did a wonderful job of talking with him and bringing out his story during her visits. Her research about the Viet Nam era placed his story in historical context. Kathy wrote the book, but she captured C.W.’s voice in telling his story. The book was exactly what I was looking for in recording C.W.’s life. I cannot thank Kathy enough for the time and effort she gave to this book. —Barbara Lowes, referring to Silver Wings and a Green Beret: The Life of C.W. Scherer, 2017



Even though you don't hear from us often, we think of you. We loved having you take the histories of our lives and appreciated all the work you did on both books. They continue to be gifts to us and to our whole family. It was fun and serious when we met with you, and we do hope others will go with you. We had fun sharing our histories and we really had a lot of joy being with you and a lot of laughter. I hope you had the same fun with us. With our biographies, the biggest problem that we have enountered is that everyone wishes to read them, and they want to take it with them. When we loan a copy, we have a hard time having it returned! They all think it's wonderful. We wish you the best in your business. 

Ed and Betty Cunliff, 2012, A Life of Gratitude and The Tapestry of My Life

What's the Worst That Can Happen?

This was my first thought approximately ten years ago when I made the somewhat shaky decision to pen my memoir, to tell my story and that of my family's heritage. After much contemplation, reading how-to books, taking a class at the community college, sitting in front of my computer with loads of good intentions, I had my answer.

It is much harder than I ever imagined.

Mentally, I put the project away, thinking it would never happen. And then along came Kathy Evans of "Write for You." Now after four years and many hours with Kathy, I have my story.  Thank you, Kathy!

I've written this story for my children, grandchildren, and all those people who might be interested in the story. Obviously, there's a lot I've left out and I'm sure there's a lot I've forgotten, but this is a memoir, so I'm counting on my memories. 

I now leave the story to my children and grandchildren. Let them continue to tell the story of the Sandy Jaffe family and all that comes after. They will be creating and relating their own stories to their children and and grandchildren.

Let everyone live and be well.  

Sandy Jaffe, 2014, Author's Note from What's the Worst That Can Happen?

Dear Kathy,

 My cousin in Canada told me the book I sent him was required reading for his sons.

                     –Bill P., 2011, Gear Up: A Good Flight



I want to thank you for the incredible gift you've given me of my father's life story. It is priceless. I have picked it up several times and read a few pages and marvel that my father's life is in a book—a beautiful book. The workmanship on the binding, the layout of the pages, and the printing are all first class.

The best and most marvelous thing for me though, is that when I read the pages I heard my dad's laughter coming through as if he were right there telling the story to me. His voice, his unique way of turning a phrase, is captured in the words. It truly is not just a story about him but he is telling his story.

I am grateful that his story will live on. His children, grandchildren, and their children will be able to know him even though he may no longer be with us. His great-grandchildren might read this book and see part of themselves in their great-grandfather.

While you were working with my father, he would call and thank me for sending you his way. Memories bubbled up that he hadn't thought about in years. It was a cathartic experience for him at 75 to think of all he had done, all the people he had touched, and all who had touched him. He relished you coming over to not only hear his stories but to record them so his life story would live after he was no longer able to tell it.

You witnessed his life by listening to him and you made his story into a beautiful book that my family will always treasure.

Thank you. –Kathy Anderson, 2001, You Can't Push Me to Heaven



 Greg sent me the finished copies of My First 80 Years, after I had left for Florida. So, when they arrived, I headed for the sun and read it to the end. Thank you, Kathy, for an excellent story of those 80 years. How you did it from the tapes, phone calls, and our personal interviews, I don't know. I am handing copies out as my family visits us here. Thank you for everything. –Ray Case, 2001, My First 80 Years



Kathy! Please don't change a thing that you're doing. The process has been a healing and happy one for him. Dad told me on Thursday that this book has been one of the "greatest experiences of his life." I want it to continue in that vein.

This process should probably be prescribed for everyone who is grieving!

Thanks Kathy, for providing him with this tremendous opportunity. The whole family is looking forward to reading it!

—Missy Fish, 2007, One Damned Thing After Another


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To Whom It May Concern:

Over the past few years, Kathy Evans has written my memoir as well as our Walker family history. I recommend her without reservation. She has done a thorough, sensitive, and even-handed job, and it's been a great pleasure to work with her. Her listening skills and writing skills are both top-notch. She's done a great deal of research to bring alive my life and our family stories, all in their historical context. It's meant so much to our family to learn more about the lives and histories of our ancestors in the city of Saint Louis, beginning with the arrival of my great-grandfather, David Davis Walker, in 1857. She's uncovered some wonderful history that none of us knew about!

Through a long business career and in the course of my service as US Ambassador to Hungary (2003-2006) , I've had the opportunity to meet many outstanding writers. Kathy Evans without doubt is among the very best if not at the top of the list.

I am glad to be contacted with any questions regarding this fine writer.


George Herbert Walker III, US Ambassador to Hungary 2003-2006

A Useful Life, 2018

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Dear Kathy
My father greatly looked forward to your weekly visits; they were the highlight of his week. I am sure his story is as complete as it it because he did not want your visits to end. Your special way of listening made him feel comfortable and at ease with telling his story. With you, a non-family member but a trusted confidante, he could freely plumb his memory and share openly in a way he wouldn't have with one of his children. Reading the book was an experience full of wonder for us; his children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces: we learned so much about his life that we had never heard before. His recollections about his upbringing on the farm were detailed and colorful and accounts of his service during World War II left us all astonished. Recounting his story became his "life review" and gave him a deeply felt sense of integration, completion, and the satisfaction of setting the record straight.
Our family treasures his published memoir and we are very grateful that he made an investment in something that will be cherished for generations.                                              –Paula Gill, 2013, I'm a Believer

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When I began writing my autobiography, Because It's There, I realized I needed a good editor to assist me. I immediately contacted Kathy Evans of Write for You.  We met at my apartment in St. Louis and I discussed my ideas. She was interested in the project and accepted the employment.

I knew absolutely after our one talk that she had the talent for the job plus an out going cheerful attitude that gave her confidence in my ability in this uncharted area.

I asked only that she would make sure we would end up with MY book that reflected my ways and ideas.  She followed my directions faithfully and helped create a book that all my family and friends say is precisely how I talk and think. I will be eternally grateful to her for her help and guidance.

Kathy is not only a gifted writer, she is pleasant and cheerful to work with. She always had the proper approach at hand.  I particularly admire her complete commitment to keep appointments and schedules.  She always was prepared so all work went easily and smoothly.

I completely recommend Kathy Evans for any writing project and say I worked with her closely for two years and I enjoyed every moment.

Respectfully submitted,                                                                                     –Jeremiah Nixon X, 2013, Because It's There


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Kathy, Dad is thrilled and I can't thank you enough. In retrospect I realize that it was the process of life review that you took him through, not the product, that meant the most for Dad. He looked forward to each and every interview with you and would often call soon after to recount what you'd discussed. He couldn't believe how interested you were in him and his life. You drew things out of him that his children never knew about. I know he's disappointed that the two of you don't have your chats anymore!

Of course, for the rest of us it is the product that we will cherish—for generations. You did an excellent job of capturing and organizing Dad's life. It is classic Dad through and through—though perhaps a bit more polished! I flowed right through my first reading of it and just loved everything about it. Your writing style was perfect. I can't thank you enough. The entire experience of working with you—from start to finish—has been a joy.

Thanks so much for all you've done for our family. –Greg Case, 2001, My First 80 Years



Dear Kathy, I wish to take a moment or two to congratulate you and express my appreciation for your work in preparing my life story. Since the completion of the book, it has made the rounds of many of my family members and several individuals at my law firm.

Most of the readers did not realize what a "rounder" I had been in my younger life, and without exception, they were all truly impressed with your skills and professionalism in making the narrative such interesting reading. Of course, I told everyone that I didn't have the courage to let all the skeletons out of the closet!

I think I may have influenced others to do what I have done, with your help. You can rest assured you will have my strongest recommendation if they choose to do likewise.

                               Very Truly Yours,

–Jerome Bollatto, 2004, The Life of Jerome Bollatto



Dear Kathy, Thank you for the time you spent with Molly. She enjoyed your conversations more than you can imagine. Her story, written in your book, will be with our family for generations and we are ever grateful to have that story now.

                       –Jan D., 2003, Far From Home



Dear Kathy, I am pleased to have you use me as a reference for "Write For You" Life Stories. It would be wonderful if more people used your service and talent to record their stories for posterity.

I could not have been more pleased with your professionalism and with your style of writing in recording my story. The members of my family who have read the book are extremely pleased with the way you were able to include bits of humor into an otherwise factual narrative.

Kathy, it was a real pleasure working with you. Your ability to adjust your busy schedule with my busy schedule made it possible to accomplish the otherwise impossible! I would certainly encourage others to seriously consider having you record their life story—even those who don't feel they have anything of interest to record. They will be very pleasantly surprised!

The very best of everything to a very talented lady!

Sincerely, Ray W. Harmon, 2003, A Privilege To Serve



Thanks to Kathy Evans, who helped me organize my messy manuscript and sketches, encouraged me to add details to my commentary, edited much of my writing, and helped me immensely with my genealogy.  —Ed T., 2013, Life Lessons from my Boyhood in the Bootheel


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Kathy, Writing this book with you has been a lifelong plan and it is a dream come true. I had it in my head and memory and brain, and you and you alone tapped the spot in my heart to draw it out and put it all together. I couldn't imagine my life story ever becoming what Dancing on His Shoes  turned  out to be. The day you came up with that title, I knew I was home safe with a friend that knew me as well as I know myself. I was in your hands and I knew all would right. It was a very long journey in a short amount of time, but that is also true of my life. Our chats were so therapeutic for me and I felt healthier because of them. It meant more to me than you can know. 
–Shirley D., 
2007, Dancing on His Shoes