Write for You has teamed up with Brett Crow to help you capture your story on film with skill, compassion and cinematic visuals.

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Brett Crow

Brett is a Director of Photography, Director, and video editor with over seven years of experience.  As a passionate filmmaker, he takes diligence in ensuring that every frame of video lends itself to the beauty of every cinematic story.  Since returning to his native St. Louis in 2014, he has worked within both creative firms and independently to create engaging and emotionally powerful visual stories.  Profound human narratives drive him to create films that blend gravitas, empathy, and emotion to speak to captivate audiences and reveal the unexpected.


Capture  your story on film. 

Diana Kurth in the apple orchardPhyllis Smith is a British War Bride who served in the Women's Land Army. During World War II, women took over agriculture in England while an entire generation of young men were away fighting. Phyllis worked long hours in an apple orchard for the duration of the War, married an American G.I., and came to America in 1946. Click here to see a short excerpt from her video biography on Vimeo.

As a supplement to your written memoir or as a stand-alone project, a video documentary (you choose the length) allows you to recount episodes and share thoughts from your own life story for future generations. John and Matt will put you at ease and guide you through the process. Contact Write for You for further details.